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Zero Downtime offers a number of innovative online services aimed at helping our clients automate their scheduling needs.

ProSked is our premier online scheduling service. It allows your clients to book their own appointments directly into your schedule. Some of the main features of ProSked:

  • Have clients book their appointments directly into your schedule.
  • Automatic confirmation E-Mails.
  • Automatic reminder E-Mails.
  • Set Recurring Appointments.
  • Synchronizes with MS Outlook.
  • Establishes a Web Presence.
  • Comprehensive solution includes hosting, maintenance, and updates.
  • A true set-and-forget solution.
  • Excellent, personalized customer service and technical support.

Some of the benefits of using ProSked:

  • Fill voids in your schedule for maximum efficiency.
  • Stop playing phone-tag with customers, let them schedule their appointment whenever and from wherever they like. All they need is an Internet browser.
  • Manage client contact information.
  • Develop a powerful marketing program. Get access to your customer contacts database online and use it to develop new marketing initiatives.
  • Reduce client frustration by making it easier for them to schedule an appointment with you.
  • Keep clients for life. Happy customers = Returning customers.



ZDTee is our comprehensive scheduling solution for golf courses and pro shops. It's currently under development and will enter limited release soon.



In addition to hosting your online scheduling service, Zero Downtime can register your domain name (that is, your internet address such as and also host your entire Website. If you already have a Web presence and are happy with your existing hosting provider, you don't have to change anything. Simply add a link to your existing site in order to link your online schedule hosted by Zero Downtime.



If there's a feature missing from ProSked that would benefit your business or greatly enhance the value of ProSked for your specific environment, Zero Downtime can develop it for you. Our custom Web development program is the ultimate value in personalized software because it gives you a custom software solution at near commercial software price. If you don't already have a Web Presence, Zero Downtime can design an attractive Website for your business and even an entire Corporate identity package (Logo, Graphics, Website). You can then host your new Website with Zero Downtime or select your own Web host. For more information on our custom design and development services, please contact us.


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